Wiser Daily


Magazine ::: A handbook for building your life and coping with unforeseen challenges.

Herstory Chronicles

Magazine ::: Recording women’s stories for posterity. Women’s stories are often erased from history due to gender bias. This perpetuates the invisibility of women as role models for future generations ~ “if you can’t see it, you can’t be it”. Our goal is simply to record women’s stories so that other women can see themselves authentically reflected in the world.

Hollywood Clubhouse

Magazine ::: The famous and their universe. Sharing production news from big Hollywood blockbusters to what’s available for streaming at home.

Rising Above Hardship

Magazine ::: Overcoming adversity, whether you were born into hardship or recovering from a loss – be it job loss, homelessness or financial ruin. Helping you climb out of the valley of darkness and find a way forward.

Academy of Learning

Magazine ::: Scholastic life, study tips, online courses, research & autodidactic resources.

Goodwill Guardians

Magazine ::: Worthy causes and catching people doing meaningful things.


Magazine ::: What does it all mean? Exploring philosophies and philosophers – from modern days and ancient times alike.

Rainbow Road

Magazine ::: Individualized diversity in whatever form you identify: LGBTQ, intersex, transgender, pansexual, asexual , genderfluid, non-binary.

Reading Room

Magazine ::: Literary Gems and the Clever Scribes Who Write Them
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Magazine ::: Dealing with trauma, addiction, abuse, chronic stress, co-dependence. PTSD, complex PTSD (cPTSD), addiction, domestic abuse, rehab, workaholic.

Brave & Restless

Magazine ::: Mental Health Survival Guide. From mild anxiety to personality disorders. Tools to cope with life more successfully while challenged by mental health issues, great and small.

The Fish Guys

Magazine ::: “All things fish” — aquariums, angling, aquaculture, aqua sciences, fishing, seafood, marine life and reef conservation, ocean cleanup, resorts and lodges, fish and sea creatures, etc.

Sick & Tired

Magazine ::: Your lifeline to navigate invisible illness ~ helping you create a “safe zone” to endure mystery health problems while waiting for a medical verdict. Even if your diagnosis is pending or there is no cure, you can still take control of your own health, safety and symptoms.

Gold Dust Plaza

Magazine ::: Shopping gems, discount sales and gifting ideas.

Eye Candy

Magazine ::: Beautiful Images, Photographic Essays

The Dark Side

Magazine ::: TIFU, fails, alerts about things that have the power to ruin your life.


Magazine ::: Apps, digital innovation, tech toys, electronics, CES, technology.

The Writer’s Room

Magazine ::: Tips and tools for writers, philology, grammar, story structure, character development, publishing insights, agent queries, success tips from accomplished authors.