Getting Help with Addiction and Recovery

Struggling with alcohol dependancy or addiction (of any kind) is a nightmare. It’s a living nightmare.

But you can turn it all around with one moment of clarity and a determination to stick with it 100%. That certainty (of sticking with it) will come later.

person crying beside bed
Photo by Claudia Wolff on Unsplash

For now, you just have to take one daring step in the right direction and reach out for help. If it’s hard to do… that’s okay. All things worth having are hard to get.

If getting clean is a hard choice, move forward anyway. You don’t need to “feel it” … just do it! Dare to be a different person and find out what’s on the other side of your addiction. If you’re not having much fun (and I’ll bet you’re not if you are slave to a substance) then what have you got to lose? Dare to be somebody different. I dare you!

Check this excellent website about recovering from addiction and alcoholism. They have a convenient page for seeking a referral for help. It appears to offer resources throughtout the U.S, so don’t let the “NYC” in their title fool you. Here’s a screenshot from that page…

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