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The Hustle

Magazine ::: Career, freelance, side gigs and the gig economy… whatever it takes to make a buck!

Social Media

Magazine ::: Issues related to companies such as YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Zoom, etc. Also showcasing interesting influencers to check out.


Magazine ::: It’s real and it has the power to ruin you — unless you outsmart it and take control back.


Magazine ::: Entrepreneurial and corporate ventures, owning, operating, startups, VCs, IPOs, funding, hiring, leadership techniques, managing people, decision-making, innovation, invention, lateral thinking (ways to see problems from unique angles).

Virtual Office #WFH

Magazine ::: Productivity and work flow solutions for modern professionals, remote work, apps, data management, project management, archiving, organizational, efficiency, GTD, communications, technology, apps, software, electronics, computing.

OMG now WAITERS are nearly obsolete?

Restaurant in London finds a way to take waiters out of the ordering process.I always thought that servers were immune to being replaced by computers.Looks like I was wrong about...