Category: Rising Above Hardship

Sick & Tired

Magazine ::: Your lifeline to navigate invisible illness ~ helping you create a “safe zone” to endure mystery health problems while waiting for a medical verdict. Even if your diagnosis is pending or there is no cure, you can still take control of your own health, safety and symptoms.

Free Stuff

Magazine ::: Finding all the great FREE STUFF around the world and letting you know about it!

The Human Condition

Magazine ::: Humanity’s mounting challenges, solutions, and trajectory for the future.


Magazine ::: It’s real and it has the power to ruin you — unless you outsmart it and take control back.


Magazine ::: Outlining social protocols, good manners, and favorable standards to achieve successful interpersonal relations (and be well-liked!)

Food Redirection

Magazine ::: Putting an end to mass food waste by matching those who “have too much” with those who “have not”.

Faces of Addiction by Chris Arnade

This chronicle of photos depicting life at it’s most raw and untouched… it’s so educational and insightful because of the stories that go along with the visual. I was shook...

Curious Random Headlines for Nov 18, 2011

STORIES… “The Descendants” already getting Oscar buzz L.A. sheriff reopening Natalie Wood case Courtney Love erupts on stage over Cobain photo STORY PLUS VIDEO… Former ‘Grace Under Fire’ Star Brett...