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Wiser Report ~ No. 2

Exploring the secrets to a better life ::: ::: Fresh insights and remedies for clever people who expect more out of life.

Two’s Company

Magazine ::: Dating, romance, sex, love, marriage, breakups ~ making it work.

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Magazine ::: Ways to strengthen your emotional literacy, also known as your EQ (emotional quotient)

Family Dynamics

Magazine ::: DNA, genetics, birth order, dysfunction, domestic violence, abuse, secrets, sibling rivalry, teenagers in distress, personality disorders and other behaviors caused by childhood harm or neglect.

Fertility & Adoption

Magazine ::: All the ups & downs of bilding your family when “Mother Nature” has a hiccup.


Magazine ::: Outlining social protocols, good manners, and favorable standards to achieve successful interpersonal relations (and be well-liked!)


Magazine ::: Dealing with active addiction and how to move beyond it – from alcohol to pills, narcotics, gaming, sex, gambling, shopping, tech, whatever you (or your loved one) can become enslaved by!

Children Notice How You React to Them

I once read that children notice how their parents react to them when they appear. Do we smile and seem happy to see them? Do we even bother to look...

Dear Tired Moms (or Dads)

  It’s Okay to Take a Nap!   Being supermom (or superdad) does not mean “go go go”. After all, how can you teach your children to discover and respect...

8 Feel-Good TV Shows

Looking for great TV shows for the family?Here are some feel-good picks that everyone can enjoy.    

Why Kids Cheat

Quote from Rabbi Shmuley: What we value, they value.What we say is important, they’ll determine is important.If you look at your blackberry, then you’re giving the message that my business...

Daisy Duck Affleck?!

I try to avoid posting personal photos and stick to people’s careers. But in this case, I had to break the rule. Jennifer Garner is someone that I adore and...

Music class makes kids smarter

Budgets are tight for parents but it’s nice to know that paying for your kids to master an instrument pays off with untold benefits – namely their brainpower. Any boost...

Beware the risks to kids’ health when renovating

Reports warns of risks to kids’ health in energy renovations – Lauren La Rose  Home energy renovations and retrofits may help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and cut costs, but...

Health Canada recalls 4 kids’ products

Health Canada issued recalls Friday affecting several products, including children’s items that could cause injury. The Parents Busy Time Activity Center, manufactured for Manhattan Group LLC of Minneapolis, Minn., includes...