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Goodwill Guardians

Magazine ::: Worthy causes and catching people doing meaningful things.

Philanthropy 2.0

Magazine ::: Philanthropists, notable donations, charitable causes, financial benefits of giving back, and examples of the new “version 2.0” for being a philanthropic hero!

The Human Condition

Magazine ::: Humanity’s mounting challenges, solutions, and trajectory for the future.

Earth Hour 2020

Earth Hour 2020 will be held on 28th March, Saturday from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm (Check local timings). For a ton of great facts about Earth Hour and Earth Day,...

Food Redirection

Magazine ::: Putting an end to mass food waste by matching those who “have too much” with those who “have not”.

Kudos for Premiere of “8” in L.A.

Thanks to a live stream on YouTube, last night I watched a play premiering in Los Angeles as it was happening. The star studded cast created a memorable experience. I,...

I Heart Japan

Blessings upon Japan and the people who are struggling with this tragedy. Blessings upon the workers who bravely fight to restore balance and those sacrificing themselves to protect the greater...

Vietnam Veteran Welcomes Soldiers Home

click to watch video Vietnam Veteran remembers when he returned from war and U.S. citizens were throwing tomatoes at the soldiers as they stepped off the plane. Now he devotes...

Remembering those who sacrificed

This post is in honor of the men who sacrificed their lives for the greater good – the soldiers who fought wars on our behalf. They gave up their lives...