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Blessing Manifesting

Introducing a wonderfully helpful website for self-care, mental health, self-love. Includes worksheets to help you manage your emotions, your plans, and your life.

A Hospital For The Mind

Find yourself and your freedom. Learn the secret of cultivating your character and building your life, effortlessly.

Dare To Be Imperfect

Wearing the ‘Mask of Perfection’ impairs your view of others. Finding your success means daring to fail. Authentic relationships are only possible when the mask of perfection falls away. You...

Venus Rising

Magazine ::: Women’s guide to empowerment ~ to maintain your footing in a tough world!

Zen Roots

Magazine ::: zen, vipassana, tao, meditation, yoga, tai chi, clarity, mindfulness, focus, chi, kundalini, enlightenment, awakening, zen buddhism, peace, reiki, life force, pilates


Magazine ::: Beliefs and practices beyond the physical world, including religion.

All You Are

Magazine ::: All you are and what made you that way.


Magazine ::: A handbook for building your life and coping with unforeseen challenges.

Herstory Chronicles

Magazine ::: Recording women’s stories for posterity. Women’s stories are often erased from history due to gender bias. This perpetuates the invisibility of women as role models for future generations ~ “if you can’t see it, you can’t be it”. Our goal is simply to record women’s stories so that other women can see themselves authentically reflected in the world.

Rainbow Road

Magazine ::: Individualized diversity in whatever form you identify: LGBTQ, intersex, transgender, pansexual, asexual , genderfluid, non-binary.

Brave & Restless

Magazine ::: Mental Health Survival Guide. From mild anxiety to personality disorders. Tools to cope with life more successfully while challenged by mental health issues, great and small.

Wiser Code

Magazine ::: Character building with a set of guiding values, principles, and a code of ethics for a challenging new world


Magazine ::: Ways to strengthen your emotional literacy, also known as your EQ (emotional quotient)

Deliverance In Disguise

Why did I wait so long for my fairy godmother?Didn’t I know that she was me? Photo by Tommy Tong on Unsplash Deliverance In Disguise Why did I wait for...

How to Be Rich and Happy ~ Internally

I’m about to share a note with you that someone gave me twenty years ago. I was at a seminar for clever people doing clever things. It was around 1999...

Surfacing the Goddess Within, Ode to Empowerment

Photo by Pexels on Pixabay Surfacing the Goddess Within Ode to empowerment I will not let others’ behavior toward meDetermine the path of my future.When the ignorance-bliss talk down to...