Category: The Dark Side

The Dark Side

Magazine ::: TIFU, fails, alerts about things that have the power to ruin your life.

Killing the Bully

Magazine ::: Tips and tools to deal with bullies, abusive and controlling people. Sometimes helping the bully is a solution too.

Myths, Monsters, Wax & Wonders

Magazine ::: Searching for monsters, pursuit of Bigfoot aka Yeti, unique wax figures, exploring myths, showcasing weird wonders of the world.

Predators & Psychopaths

Magazine ::: How to recognize the human hunters, pirates and vampires wose #1 goal is to use you up and bleed you dry!! (figuratively, sometimes literally)


Magazine ::: Sexual slavery, human trafficking, and the fringe issues that foster this ongoing threat for vulnerable people.


Magazine ::: Cultism and the brainwashing techniques that lead to its proliferation.

Art of Deception

Magazine ::: The kinds of lies people tell — and how to spot their trickery! #spies #illusion #distraction #cons #catfish #tells #how to spot a liar


Magazine ::: Sexual assault, predatory grooming, sexual harassment, employer sexual exploitation.


Magazine ::: Keeping an eye on the things threatening your health and your life.