Category: Broken & Co.

Brave & Restless

Magazine ::: Mental Health Survival Guide. From mild anxiety to personality disorders. Tools to cope with life more successfully while challenged by mental health issues, great and small.

The Dark Side

Magazine ::: TIFU, fails, alerts about things that have the power to ruin your life.

Killing the Bully

Magazine ::: Tips and tools to deal with bullies, abusive and controlling people. Sometimes helping the bully is a solution too.


Magazine ::: Ways to strengthen your emotional literacy, also known as your EQ (emotional quotient)

Broken & Co.

Magazine ::: Life has a way of breaking us. Events and circumstances beyond our control. In some cases, we are broken at birth or as children from adverse childhood events (ACE). And then there are those who become attached to broken people — codependents — creating a cycle of drama and pain for both parties. This is us… broken & company!


Magazine ::: Dealing with active addiction and how to move beyond it – from alcohol to pills, narcotics, gaming, sex, gambling, shopping, tech, whatever you (or your loved one) can become enslaved by!

411 on Narcissism

Narcissistic Personality Disorder This person has an extreme feeling of self-importance, a sense of entitlement, and a need to be admired. He is envious of others and expects them to...