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A Hospital For The Mind

Find yourself and your freedom. Learn the secret of cultivating your character and building your life, effortlessly.

Do It Anyway

A formula to shape the foundation of your values. The Paradoxical Commandments by Dr. Kent M. Keith.


Magazine ::: Comforts of home life + managing your household and garden.


Magazine ::: A handbook for building your life and coping with unforeseen challenges.

Money & Wealth Management

Magazine ::: Financial options, tax tips, investor news, capital funding, estate planning, asset and wealth management, money saving, banking security, investment strategies, credit cards, credit scores, salary negotiation.

Wiser Hacks

Magazine ::: Tips and tricks to save time, do it better, get there faster, save money, improve your satisfaction! Get “wiser hacks” so you too can be the hero who saves the day!


Magazine ::: Ways to strengthen your emotional literacy, also known as your EQ (emotional quotient)


Magazine ::: Outlining social protocols, good manners, and favorable standards to achieve successful interpersonal relations (and be well-liked!)

Deliverance In Disguise

Why did I wait so long for my fairy godmother?Didn’t I know that she was me? Photo by Tommy Tong on Unsplash Deliverance In Disguise Why did I wait for...

Uncommon Sensibility

I found this on a random facebook page several years ago when the “99%” were occupying Wall Street to protest capitalism. For those who might not remember; the protesters were...

The Strength of Being Weird

“Your weirdness will make you stronger. Your dark side will keep you whole. Your vulnerability will connect you to the rest of our suffering world. Your creativity will set you...