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Wiser Daily Magazine

Bits & Bites for a Better Life! Wiser Daily Magazine (totally free!) includes our own original content plus the news from other quality makers. It’s designed to be low-stress for sensitive...

The Wiser Report

Magazine ::: Exploring the secrets to a better life ::: ::: Fresh insights and remedies for clever people who expect more out of life.

Pregnancy Handbook

Magazine ::: From conception through to the first year with your new baby (or babies)!


Magazine ::: The people and criminal plots designed to exploit you, or steal your money.

Podcasts & Videos

Magazine ::: Best of podcasts, radio shows, youtubers, and audiobooks.

Our Planet the Living Organism

Magazine ::: Climate crisis, wildlife, archeological finds, geology, earth science and shifting environmental considerations.

Two’s Company

Magazine ::: Dating, romance, sex, love, marriage, breakups ~ making it work.

His Retreat

Magazine ::: Mancave-friendly lifestyle information


Magazine ::: Women’s guide to empowerment ~ to maintain your footing in a tough world!

Zen Roots

Magazine ::: zen, vipassana, tao, meditation, yoga, tai chi, clarity, mindfulness, focus, chi, kundalini, enlightenment, awakening, zen buddhism, peace, reiki, life force, pilates


Magazine ::: The latest news and research that affects your health. Including important updates on COVID-19 from major reliable news sources.


Magazine ::: Comforts of home life + managing your household and garden.


Magazine ::: Life in the Luxe Lane. #wealthy #rich #billionaire #millionaire #assets #highnetworth #hnwi #highend #elite #upscale #finegoods #privateislands #privatejets #finecars #supercars #luxuryrealestate #luxe


Magazine ::: Beliefs and practices beyond the physical world, including religion.

Bias & Deception

Magazine ::: Without bias there can be no deception, no bullying, nor mass murder. It all begins with bias. Spies, cult leaders & demagogues use bias to take control.

In Case of Emergency

Magazine ::: Get Help. Be Prepared. Resources and warnings that might save your life in a critical moment. The things you wish you knew before crisis hit you.

Fitness for Life

Magazine ::: Caring for your body to enhance satisfaction and longevity

All You Are

Magazine ::: All you are and what made you that way.

Wish You Were Here

Magazine ::: Places to go and how to get there! Locations, travel, dining out, events.

Eden Elders

Magazine ::: Vitality and dignity from retirement to sunset years. 50+ #boomer #retirement-planning #estate-planning #hobbies #gardening