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WiserDaily.TV is the newest product in our ‘Wiser Daily’ network. Watch for Fun! End up Smarter! Both our YouTube channel and video stories contain all types of topics to match our 125+ magazine themes. Something for everyone!

The Algebra of Happiness

Scott Galloway, a brilliant author and educator, shares his wisdom and secrets of winning at life. His guidance is unconventional and defies current standards of success that we’ve been taught to chase. The reward for doing it right is the elusive state-of-mind called happiness!

Hungry Polar Bear Hunts Cameraman

Two very different kinds of bear encounters! One is a hungry polar bear who tries to break into a glass case that protects the cameraman. The other (below) is a not-so-hungry brown bear who plops down beside a cameraman. Takes a little rest break then saunters off, but not before a brief moment of terror! Both videos are riveting!

Wiser Innovation

Wiser Innovation is a research and media group in Toronto, Canada. Founded by Pauline Wiser. Activities include Wiser Daily, The Wiser Report, Gold Dust Studios, and

How to End Up in a Cult

A short documentary from The Atlantic examining the aftermath of a cult being dismantled, how the cult members slowly got sucked in, and how they feel afterward.

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How to contact the folks at Wiser Daily, Wiser Press, Wiser Innovation and Gold Dust Studios.

The Art of Charm

This producer of podcasts and videos shares valuable insights from successful people. In our pursuit of excellence, we can use this information to refine our game and write our own success story.

1-Minute Mask, No Sewing

How to make a personal mask from a sock. Takes only one minute and zero sewing required!

Blessing Manifesting

Introducing a wonderfully helpful website for self-care, mental health, self-love. Includes worksheets to help you manage your emotions, your plans, and your life.

Buddhist Proverb

Past, present and future. Of these three, learn to be present.

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